10 Excellent Secret Garden Design Ideas to Considered

10 excellent secret garden design ideas to considered
10 excellent secret garden design ideas to considered

A secret garden is a small area in your backyard as your favorite spot to relax, and enjoy the calmness of the evening. It is not require too much space, because you only need a space for the chair, plants and a few fences (if its possible). Choose a spot that you feel comfortable when sitting. If you have enough space, you can grow a couple of bushes and perhaps a rocky landscape, too. Complete your secret garden with flagstone path. For an extra ordinary surprise, add a trellis or a gate.

1. Backyard Secret Garden Idea

Backyard secret garden idea

The landscaping is covered with stones and grass while the sculptures look so calm making the atmosphere mysterious.

2. Amazing Secret Garden

Amazing secret garden

This secret garden is a perfect hideaway for your reading spot.

3. Peaceful Secret Garden

Peaceful secret garden

This romantic secret garden is a perfect spot for you and your love one to spend the day together. The candle surround bring the romantic feeling deeper.

4. The Murray Garden

The murray garden

This secret garden is a vivid accumulation of both perennials and annuals cut out of a forest setting, and accentuated by numerous unique and local trees. A stone gate opens to two private acres of twisting garden paths dotted with garden sculptures, beds of daylilies, and a waterfall surrounded by Japanese Maples and much more.

5. Illuminated Garden

Illuminated garden

This secret garden is a calm outdoor spot where you can be alone or an exceptional place for entertaining. A twinkling lamp in a tree make your space look adorable and romantic.

6. Relaxing Secret Garden

Relaxing secret garden

Choose a spot against a fence or wall where you can include tall bushes, trees, and vines.

7. Simple Secret Garden Ideas

Simple secret garden ideas

This simple secret garden is incorporating an eighteenth-century English garden designs.

8. Secret Garden Landscape Design

Secret garden landscaping design

This garden gives you a feeling of closeness that is hard to fulfill in a more open garden.

9. Meditation Secret Garden

Meditation secret garden

Install the borders and gravel that is so affordable to your space, plant a climbing rose on the fence and your secret garden is ready to beautify your private space (even your space is small).

10. Unique Secret Garden

Unique secret garden

An encased space will empower the dispersing of fragrance from plants and flowers and will linger all around.


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