Look! Incredible Water Fountain Design Ideas for Your Garden

Look! incredible water fountain design ideas for your garden

Make your garden more impressive by having water fountain inside. Seeing water will make your mind calmer.  Rather than spending much budget, you can make your own water fountain by simple step and less money. Here are some water fountain ideas to try;

Rock Fountain

Rock fountain


Look at this unique fountain! It needs couple days to make a natural fountain for your garden. You need to dig soil to place the waterproof basin. There, you put the pump and some water source. But, see the result. It is even more than good.

Circular Water Fall

Circular water fall


A recycled glass table top can be transformed into a new term. Here it is, circular water fall to make your garden more interesting. You need to have some days to make this beautiful fountain.

Flower Pot Fountain

Flower pot fountain


This fountain will give your garden a different view. You need to have one large pot and one smaller pot to make this wonderful fountain. Make a hole at the bottom of pot for water way. Design it as you like. Then, fill them with some rocks to seem natural.

Tea Pot Fountain

Tea pot fountain


Drill hole on the tea pot. Place it in concrete block and add whiskey barrel. After that, insert fountain pump and tubing up through the tee on the bottom of the pipe which supports the tea pot and into the tea pot. It is a free standing water fountain that will make your garden look different at this spring or even summer.

Three-Tier Fountain

Three-tier fountain


Prepare spray paint, epoxy putty, a pond liner, pump and tubing. You can fine all these cheap items on a thrift shop near your house. Arrange the basin base on the size to make it look beautiful or any design you like. But, make sure it will not be broken someday.

Disappearing Water Fountain

Disappearing water fountain


Do you want to have this simple water fountain? Give a natural view towards your back yard by this water fountain. It’s good for you who has wide yard considering it need more space to make it astonishing. You can add some plants around it as well if you like.

Whata Wata Fountain

Whata wata fountain


Three pots with pop color will make your garden more cheerful.  It doesn’t matter if you want to have other colors for beautifying your garden. This looks more astonishing to be placed at your front yard. Try this DIY water fountain soon!

Patio Water Fall

Patio water fall


What a beautiful water fountain! If you like a modern design water fountain for your outdoor space, this patio water fall can be one of your choices. You need basic carpentry skill to make base assembly and glass support installation. It will take some days, but you will not being upset by the result. It’s cool.

Tinny Egg Fountain


When you live in a small house or an apartment, you only have small space. But, it will not become a problem. Here, you can make your own water fountain that can be placed indoor or outdoor. Try this simple idea and see the result!






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