10 Best Whimsical Garden Ideas to Inspire You

Add a focal point
Add a focal point

When designing the garden, everyone has its own taste and tend not the same. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a nice outdoor space, consider to add garden to your space. You can create a stunning fence, flower drawings, a nice garden path, or even create a shade. If you like an extra ordinary garden style, try whimsical garden.

1. Garden with Cool Planting Places

Garden with cool planting places

Repurposed unexpected items as your container gardens and use them to grow vegetables, edible flowers and even culinary herbs to your outdoor space; bathtubs, toilets and cinder blocks, bicycle baskets, toolboxes, jugs, galvanized containers, buckets, ceramic bowls, old pots, enamel tubs, etc.

2. Reuse Items for Your Whimsical Garden

Reuse items for your whimsical garden

Roll an old wheelbarrow into a corner or curve in your garden and plant it with a pretty collection of same-color flowers. The good point about this wheelbarrow is you can move it anywhere and it can be a focal point of your garden.

3. Natural Accents

Natural accent

Add a natural accent such as grapevine wreath as an interesting organic twist to a variety of your garden elements.

4. Display Castoffs

Display castoffs

Grouped together some items such as a fire-hose winder, a rusted children’s pedal car, and a fencing fragment to add a texture to a collection of flowers.

5. Sculpt Your Own Accents

Sculpt your own accents

Do not throw away your trash, keep your water-spigot handles, and brass garden nozzles just like the picture above to decorate a piece of barn board on a potting shed for sculpture that dresses up the building.

6. Group a Collection

Group a collection

Again, treasure your small collection and display it inside a potting shed. You can use an item with consistent element such as shape, color or material to create an eye-catching display to create your own whimsical landscaping design ideas.

7. Be Creative With Gloves

Be creative with gloves

Display your old gloves; a wooden fence with the display of variety of worn-out gloves. Arrange the colors and patterns to create smooth movement through a linear display.

8. Create New Life for Old Things

Create new life for old things

Grouped together on a tall pole with varied arms using different materials such as chipped porcelain, old wicker, rusted metal, and else.

9. Add a Focal Point

Add a focal point

Create a focal point to your garden. For example, a group of old watering cans, tilted in the same direction that add a fun, festive face to a shed wall just like in the picture above.

10. Less Is More

Less is more

An old wire basket holds glass fishing floats, adding luster and color to the seating nook. This eclectic grouping relies on the well-worn look for its whimsical landscaping appeal.



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