16 Contemporary Formal Garden Design Ideas

Contemporary formal garden design ideas

The best thing before starting your gardening project is having a great planning. No matter what size or style, a great plan will help you to minimize the mistake that you make during the project, so you do not waste your money and time for it. For example, when deciding to make a classical formal garden, think about the overall layout carefully and get into the details such as pathways, beds, planting schemes and features like ornaments or statues.

Make a garden plan is can be a little daunting at first, so, you need to gather as much inspiration as you can before you start the project. Grab a pencil and a sheet of paper then draw out the space you are working with and start plotting what you’d like to go in it and where. Draw out the shape of any lawn areas or hedges borders and add in any finishing touches for your garden. Check out these contemporary formal garden design ideas below to inspire you.

White Hydrangea Box Hedge Garden for Formal Garden

White hydrangea box hedge garden for formal garden
Source: Pinterest 

White Floors Design for Formal Gardens

White floors design for formal gardens
Source: Pinterest 

Green and White Formal Garden for Landscaping

Green and white formal garden for landscaping
Source: Pinterest 

Formal Garden Ideas with Statues and Pillars

Formal garden ideas with statues and pillars
Source: Pinterest 

Formal Garden Design Ideas

Formal garden design ideasSource: Pinterest 

 Formal Front Garden Design Balham London
Formal front garden design balham london
Source: Pinterest

Formal Contemporary Gardens Design for Frontyard

Formal contemporary gardens design for frontyard
Source: Pinterest

Formal Cottage Garden Landscape Design

Formal cottage garden landscape design
Source: Pinterest 

Creative Formal Garden Designs for Backyard

Creative formal garden designs for backyard
Source: Pinterest 

Country Formal Garden for Frontyard Design

Country formal garden for front yard design
Source: Pinterest 

Best Formal Structured Garden Ideas

Best formal structured garden ideas
Source: Pinterest 

Best Formal Fountain and Garden

Best formal fountain fountain and garden
Source: Pinterest

Beautiful no Grass, Formal Frontyard Garden Design with Lavender

Beautiful no grass, formal front yard garden design with lavender
Source: Pinterest

Beautiful Formal Garden for Country Garden Design

Beautiful formal garden for country garden design
Source: Pinterest

Beautiful Formal Country Garden Design

Beautiful formal country garden
Source: Pinterest

Beautiful English Formal Gardens Design

Beautiful english formal gardens garden
Source: Pinterest 


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