15 Beautiful Japanese Flower Garden Ideas

Beautiful japanese flower garden ideas

If you are keen to bring simplicity and serenity to your garden and want something a bit different, consider Japanese garden. Japanese garden is often sparsely planted, so the space around the plants are as important as the plants themselves, and it will create the effect of a bigger garden. Stick to just a few of plants for your Japanese garden, because in Japanese garden, less is more. If your space have a good view, frame it with some choice Japanese maples because it often ‘borrow’ the landscape around them.

Make a hard landscaping to your garden space include gravel, rocks and stepping stones and try tying pieces of bamboo together with twine to create Japanese-style fences. Japanese garden often showcase the different shades of green and moss is used in many Japanese temple garden, so encourage mossed to spread in nooks and crannies. Japanese garden is used for contemplation, so be creative and create a space that is calming and serene. Check out these 15 beautiful Japanese flower garden ideas below to inspire you.

Bamboo Footbridge at Portland Japanese Garden

Bamboo footbridge at portland japanese garden
Source : Pinterest

Bamboo Fountains

Bamboo fountains
Source : Pinterest

Flower Garden Zen Zen

Flower garden zen zen
Source : Pinterest

Garden Pond (with Waterfall) for Back East Corner

Garden pond (with waterfall) for back east corner
Source : Pinterest

Garden Pond with Koi Fish

Garden pond with koi fish
Source : Pinterest

Garden with Bridge Curved

Garden with bridge curved
Source : Pinterest

Gorgeous Dry Water Feature

Gorgeous dry water feature
Source : Pinterest

Japanese Garden Bamboo Fence

Japanese garden bamboo fence
Source : Pinterest

Japanese Garden with Clever use of Screens

Japanese garden with clever use of screens
Source : Pinterest

Japanese Garden with Pond and Stepping Stones

Japanese garden with pond and stepping stones
Source : Pinterest

Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese maple tree
Source : Pinterest

Mini Indoor Garden

Mini indoor garden
Source : Pinterest

Planting Japanese Maple in Containers

Planting japanese maple in containers
Source : Pinterest

River of Flowers Landscape

River of flowers landscape
Source : Pinterest

Unusually Shaped Stone Basin

Unusually shaped stone basin
Source : Pinterest


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