16 Dramatic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

16 dramatic bedroom decorating ideas (1)

Bedroom should be a place for your personal getaway, a sanctuary which express your favorite colors, feelings and collection. So, it is best to choose soothing shades and a restful palate of monochromatic tones such as gentle hues of blue, lavender and green to create a calm and serene atmosphere. Do not overlook the ceiling, just paint the ceiling a slightly light version of your wall to help you visually lower the ceiling and give the space a feeling of comfort and intimacy. Or if you want to add architectural elements in the form of beams or molding s or use a decorative paint treatment, go on with stencil or wallpaper the ceiling.

Just keep your bedroom simple, sophisticated and elegant based on the style that you choose. Also consider to choose the right size furniture and have a plenty of storage to keep your stuff away from the eye sight. if it possible, add a private nook to create an intimate reading or lounging area to sit and read your favorite book. Check out these 16 dramatic bedroom decorating ideas below to inspire you.

Rustic and Dramatic Master Bedroom with Black Wall

Rustic and dramatic master bedroom with black wall
Source : Pinterest

Romantic Master Bedroom Decorating with Dramatic Design

Romantic master bedroom decorating with dramatic design
Source : Pinterest

Neat Dramatic Bedroom Ideas with Fireplace

Neat dramatic bedroom ideas with fireplace
Source : Pinterest

Moody and Dramatic Master Bedroom Design

Moody and dramatic master bedroom design
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Swedish Space with Black Walls

Dramatic swedish space with black walls
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Master Bedroom Makeover

Dramatic master bedroom makeover
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Dark Hues in the Master Bedroom

Dramatic dark hues in the master bedroom
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Dramatic Black Ceiling Ideas

Dramatic black ceiling ideas
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Bedroom, with Mix of Vintage-Looking Furniture and Fabulous Indigo Printed Bedding

Dramatic bedroom, with its mix of vintage-looking furniture and fabulous indigo printed bedding
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Bedroom with Awesome Chinese Screen as Headboard

Dramatic bedroom with awesome chinese screen as headboard
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Bedroom Wall Art Decorating with Beautiful Bedroom Designs

Dramatic bedroom wall art decorating with beautiful bedroom designs
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Bedroom Ideas with Glam Design

Dramatic bedroom ideas with glam design
Source : Pinterest

Dramatic Bedroom Modern Transitional Design

Dramatic bedroom bedroom modern transitional
Source : Pinterest

Chinese Screen Introduces a Dramatic Note to This Bedroom in Fashion and Decor Designer

Chinese screen introduces a dramatic note to this bedroom in fashion and decor designer
Source : Pinterest

Chic and Dramatic Bedrooms with Black Walls

Chic & dramatic bedrooms with black walls
Source : Pinterest

Beautiful Dramatic Bedroom with the Canopy Chic Black White Decor

Beautiful dramatic bedroom with the canopy chic black white decor
Source : Pinterest


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