10 Incredible Under the Stairs Utilization Ideas to Inspire You

Eclectic family room
Eclectic family room

The good interior designing is if you can use the space and arrange the furniture cleverly. Actually, there is a lot of unused space in the house that we can use. Under the stair space, for example. So many creative and useful ways to utilize that space. These 10 ideas are sure will inspire your new plan to utilize your under the stair space correctly.

1. Eclectic Family Room

Eclectic family room

This eclectic room fill the under-the-stair space with TV stand. You can fill it to display your favorite book, TV (of course) and any other stuff to beautify the space.

2. Storage


Create this gorgeous built-in drawer to store your supply. And the great thing about it is help you to hide the stuff, so your space will clutter-free.

3. Display your Collection

Display your collection

Or add a drawer with marble on top to display your collection; dining utensils. The marble on top will make your space look expensive and elegant and perfect to combine with wood.

4. Small Space Solution

Small space solution

You can store your stuff in this under-the-stair drawer. And plus, the mirror will make your space appear bigger.

5. Under-The-Stair Waterfall

Under-the-stair waterfall

This is an extra ordinary idea. Turn your under-the-stair space with simple pond and minimalist water feature to bring nature element to your space.

6. Under-The-Stair Library

Under-the-stair library

If you have so many book collection, you can display it by making your under-the-stair space into a simple library to display your book.

7. Reading Nook

Reading nook

Spend your time to relax and reading your favorite book or to take a nap with this adorable under-the-stair reading nook.

8. Mini Bar

Mini bar

This idea is good to entertain family and friends. A mini bar with some of your wine and mini refrigerator with a simple sink on the drawer to serve or mix your drink. You can also put the glass and other utensil in the drawer.

9. Home Office

Home office

You can also use this tiny space into a home office.

10. Entryway


This entryway drawer is put under the stair to store your jacket, umbrella, hat or anything that you wear after going out.


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