15 Nice Metal Garden Arbors and Trellises

Metal garden arbors and trellises

Garden structure is built to complement your outdoor space. It creates a real architectural interest that is worth considering. Garden structure such as arbors and trellises are very versatile and exist in all styles and many different styles. But what is the difference between arbors and trellises?

An arbor is a simple freestanding structure that can be used to support climbing shrub or vines for seasonal colors or year-round interest. Arbor also a lovely ways to frame your garden entrance or walkway. Trellis is a flat, freestanding structure used as a decorative fence or wall or privacy screen and the material of it (wood, metal, vinyl, copper) can be combined with planter boxes, stand alone arches or even column. Now check out these 15 nice metal garden arbors and trellises below to inspire you.

Wrought Iron Garden Arbor with Gate

Wrought iron garden arbor with gate
Source : Pinterest

Wrought Iron Arbor

Wrought iron arbor
Source : Pinterest

Powder Coated Iron Scrollwork and Lattice Garden Arbor

Powder coated iron scrollwork and lattice garden arbor
Source : Pinterest

Pipe Fitting Sathedral style Garden Trellises

Pipe fitting cathedral style garden trellises
Source : Pinterest

Ornamental Iron Arbor with Gate 3

Ornamental iron arbor with gate 3
Source : Pinterest

Metal Garden Trellis with Butterflies

Metal garden trellis with butterflies
Source : Pinterest

Metal Garden Arbor with Tree

Metal garden arbor with tree
Source : Pinterest

Metal Garden Arbor with Butterfly Gate

Metal garden arbor with butterfly gate
Source : Pinterest

Metal Arbor At the Entry

Metal arbor at the entry
Source : Pinterest

Laurel Garden Arbor with Gate

Laurel garden arbor with gate
Source : Pinterest

Iron Scroll Arbor Garden

Iron scroll arbor garden
Source : Pinterest

Iron Arbors and Trellises

Iron arbors and trellises
Source : Pinterest

Grand Garden Arbor with Four Hanging Baskets

Grand garden arbor with four hanging baskets
Source : Pinterest

Garden Oasis Lattice Arbor with Bench and Two Lanterns

Garden oasis lattice arbor with bench and two lanterns
Source : Pinterest

Garden Arbor with Gate

Garden arbor with gate
Source : Pinterest


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