15 Decorative Oscillating Fans Ideas

Decorative oscillating fans ideas

Many people are feel uncomfortable to stay in a hot room. Having a fans are a great solution to improve the airflow around you. But having a fan blowing does not mean that you are getting the best airflow and circulation in your space. You need to know the proper place to put your fan to help you keep cool and also improve the airflow situation.

Make a plan of where it would fit best and still be out of the way and how the airflow and find the right angles. Once you find the position you think be best, begin the process of adjusting and remove any obstacles; consider to place your fan on a sturdy base to give it even more height. If you think that one fan is not enough, use more than one fan; one near a window facing out with another in a doorway to create a wind tunnel method. Now check out these 15 decorative oscillating fans ideas below.

Antique Black Emerson Electric Oscillating Fan

Antique black emerson electric oscillating fan
Source : Pinterest

Wall Mounted Fan

Wall mounted fan
Source : Pinterest

Vintage Oscillating Brass Electric Fan

Vintage oscillating brass electric fan
Source : Pinterest

Vintage Hunter Oscillating Fan

Vintage hunter oscillating fan
Source : Pinterest

Small Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades

Small ceiling fan with metal blades
Source : Pinterest

Silver Small Wall Mounted Oscillating Fan

Silver small wall mounted oscillating fan
Source : Pinterest

Pineapple Decorative Oscillating Table Fan

Pineapple decorative oscillating table fan
Source : Pinterest

Pedestal Fan in Retro Style

Pedestal fan in retro style
Source : Pinterest

Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Oscillating pedestal fan
Source : Pinterest

Mosaic Glass Metropolitan Bronze Table Fan and Lamp

Mosaic glass metropolitan bronze table fan and lamp
Source : Pinterest

Matthews Fan Company Melody Oscillating Wall Fan with Decorative Wall Switch

Matthews fan company melody oscillating wall fan with decorative wall switch
Source : Pinterest

Decorative Floor Fans

Decorative floor fans
Source : Pinterest

Deco Breeze Decorative Tabletop Fan

Deco breeze decorative tabletop fan
Source : Pinterest

Chrome Oscillating Retro Desk Fan

Chrome oscillating retro desk fan
Source : Pinterest

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans
Source : Pinterest


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