15 Fantastic Art Deco Bedroom Sets

15 fantastic art deco bedroom sets
15 fantastic art deco bedroom sets

Art deco is a jazzy style with straight lines, geometric and abstracted shapes used in building, furniture and decorative details. This style is focus on smooth surfaces, exotic materials and repeated geometric forms. Art Noveau style is different with art deco style. In comparison, art deco style is bold, colorful , showy and dramatic.

For the floor, what you choose will influence all your other choice. Choose a plain, geometric, zebra skin, Persian or Turkish flooring that are so art deco. If you want to make a modern style with an art deco, choose a strong colors for the wallpaper and paint colors; chocolate brown, red, black, hot pink, beige, coffee. Walls, ceilings and woodwork in art deco is often smooth and sometimes glossy; stylized flowers, stripes, geometric, Egyptian motifs are so art deco wallpaper. Now check out these 15 fantastic art deco bedroom sets below to inspire you.

A Wooden Tub

A wooden tub
Source ; Pinterest

Blinds in the Window

Blinds in the window
Source ; Antiguamadera

Blue and Silver Tones Throughout this Bedroom

Blue and silver tones throughout this bedroom
Source ; Thesleepjudge

Canopy Bed with Curtains

Canopy bed with curtains
Source ; Homedit

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds
Source ; Homedit

Curtains Tied with Ribbons

Curtains tied with ribbons
Source ; Homedit

Dark Wood Drawers

Dark wood drawers
Source ; Thesleepjudge

Gallery in the Wall

Gallery in the wall
Source ; Antiguamadera

Great Garden Windows Open

Great garden windows open
Source ; Thesleepjudge

Green Accent Pillow on the Couch

Green accent pillow on the couch
Source ; Thesleepjudge

High Curtains in the Window

High curtains in the window
Source ; Thesleepjudge

Large Windows

Large windows
Source ; Thesleepjudge

Red and Gold Combination

Red and gold combination
Source ; Thesleepjudge

This Curtain is Used to Hide the Dressing Area

This curtain is used to hide the dressing area
Source ; Homedit

Unique Chandelier

Unique chandelier
Source ; Thesleepjudge


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