40 Ergonomic Living Room Chairs Design

Ergonomic living room chairs design
Ergonomic living room chairs design

Too much sitting emerged as a serious health issue. So, consider alternating standing and sitting at work or do something instead of only sitting. Try to sit as close as possible to your desk (with upper arms parallel to your spine and your hand rested on the work surface and make sure that your legs are bent at the knees at a 90 degrees angle. Maintain an ideal sitting posture as much as possible, and if you start to feel slacking, give yourself a break by getting up and stretching.

Do not sit too high because it can make your ankle swelling, and boost your feet in certain situations; use a footstool to prop and rest your feet as opposed to leaving them hanging when sitting if the chair is too high for you. Raise your work surface if needed and check the depth of your seat to keep you away from back pain. Support your back with small pillow or cushion adjust your armrest to reduce neck and shoulder strain and diminishing the likelihood of slouching forward in your chair. An ergonomic chair is not only for your office chair, but it can be put in your living room too, so check out these 40 ergonomic living room chair design ideas below to inspire you.


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