38 Eye-Catching Pulaski Curio Cabinets

38 eye-catching pulaski curio cabinets

The best way to display your collection such as an art objects, memorabilia, and else, and making them as the focal point of your space is by adding a curio cabinet. But you need to choose it carefully, so you can make your curio cabinets as the highlight of your space. if it’s possible, you can also make a custom-made to get the best curio cabinets that exactly just like what you want. We can say that curio cabinets can replace your small wall-mounted showcases and it is very recommended for you who have limited floor space (and yes, it is also great for you who have a big space too).

There are many kinds of material that offered depending on your budget, taste and your space’s theme and ambiance; teakwood, white cedar, rosewood, or even plywood. Also consider the number of the shelves that you need for the cabinet and the material of the shelves; glass shelves with wooden shelves to break monotony, or smoked glass. The mirror does not only reflect the light in your space, but it also helps give an all-around view of the items displayed in the cabinet. Check out these 38 eye-catching pulaski curio cabinet design ideas below to inspire you.


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