38 Cool and Eye-Catchy Rustic Wall Decorative Ideas

Cool and eye-catchy rustic wall decorative ideas

Rustic wall decoration is easy to make, and it does not require long time. You can use some objects such as natural materials, or a bit of inventive new construction. For example, if you found a branch, just hang it on a wall with a couple of tiny finishing nails to do the trick and you get a creative rustic wall decor. Or be creative using lasso rope; soak the rope in a bucket of water for a week, let it dry, and nail them to the wall; shape, words, etc.

Nothing can represent rustic style better than vintage signs. Many stores are selling a vintage sign, but it is also easy to make it by yourself. All you need is only a wooden board, paint, and distressing tools and your DIY vintage sign is ready to beautify your wall space. Check out these 38 cool and eye-catchy rustic wall decorative ideas below to inspire you.


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