38 Rustic and Vintage Cedar Headboard Ideas

Rustic and vintage cedar headboards ideas
Rustic and vintage cedar headboards ideas

The bed is something that is so important for your bedroom space. But having a headboard for your bed is also good idea to consider. Headboard is a piece of furniture that is attached to the head of your bedroom that can also become an extra decoration for your space. Although there are so many bed comes with headboard nowadays, but many people prefer to create or choose one that is unique and suitable for the bed and the style of the space.

First of all, decide on what kind of feeling that you want for your space, so you will notice which kind of headboard that is suitable for you. Determine how much budget that you want to spend for the headboard to help you choosing the best material for your own. If the problem is the budget, you can also make it by yourself and there are tons of ideas that you can search on the internet depends on the budget that you have. Now check out these 38 rustic and vintage cedar headboard ideas below to inspire you.


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