36 Beautiful Shades Garden Pictures Ideas

36 beautiful shades garden pictures ideas
36 beautiful shades garden pictures ideas

Consider these tips below to provide a beautiful shade garden for your own. Basically, all plants need a sunlight to grow. But not all of the plants require full sun or partial sun, so consider the best plant for your shade garden depends on the sunlight that can be provided to your space. And don’t forget to add a rich soil for your plants and mulching to help you reduce weed growth, retain soil and moisture and give your garden an attractive look.

Consider to look for ways to brighten up your garden with light-colored flowers or variegated foliage when designing your shade garden. If it’s possible, choose a plant with white flower because white color will glow in a shaded area; caladium, brunnera or lamiastrum. You can also add a water feature that help a shady area feel much cooler just by the sound of the water; meandering stream. Check out these 36 beautiful shades garden picture ideas below to inspire you.


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