37 Wonderful L Shape Outdoor Bar to Enjoy Leisure Time in the Garden

Wonderful l shape outdoor bar to enjoy leisure time in the garden 27

If you need an entertaining space in your outdoor, consider outdoor bar. This is a great option for your gathering spot, but is should be as practical as it is fun. Think about the space that you have before adding a bar. If you only have a small space, a bar cart on caster or wheels is just perfect and it require no plumbing and only need a little maintenance.

Or you can try to convert your outdoor kitchen island into a bar by increasing the height and overhang of the counter on the backside of the island to create a new seating and serving area. If you have a ceiling for the bar, add pendant or lighting above and make your bar as the focal point; just add a soft lighting under the bar. Just make your bar become the best outdoor entertaining space and everyone will be happy with it. Check out these 37 wonderful L shape outdoor bar to enjoy your leisure time in the garden below.


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