36 IKEA Hacks to Rescue Cluttered Entryways

Ikea hacks to rescue cluttered entryways
Ikea hacks to rescue cluttered entryways

To organize your entryway, you need to focus on the floor. Place entrance mats on both side of the door to trap the dirt before hits the house. Also make a regular schedule to clean your entryway from mail, magazines, extra clothing, shoes and other items in your entrance. Make the most of your wall space to store the stuff. For example, you can hang a key rack, pegs and hooks to hold rain gear, jackets and hats.

Consider to use the door to hang a shoe organizer for your sunglasses, scarves, pet lashes, garden gloves and etc, so they are accessible but not in the way. Add a low storage bench for seating when to sit while wearing your shoes. You can also add an open or closed storage to house the entryway’s items. Now take a look at these 36b IKEA hacks to rescue cluttered entryways below.


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