48 Unique Bathtub Ideas for Modern House

Unique bathtub ideas for modern house 24
Unique bathtub ideas for modern house 24

If you decided to have bathtub for your bathroom, location is important to consider. Once you have decided, its location will dictate the kind if tub that you need. There are so many kinds of bathtub, and the three-wall alcove or recessed bathtub is the common one. These tub have walls on three side and only one of it is finished because only one side is visible; corner tub, a drop-in tub, a freestanding tub and etc.

Bathtub is also come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so choose it wisely. Decide how big your bathtub should be and if you are going to be bathing with your kids, consider your back and avoid getting the largest model available. And don’t buy your tub without a dry run and make sure that your current hot water heater can fill the unit. Now take a look at these 48 unique bathtub ideas for modern house below.


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