43 Farmhouse Wood Signs to Beautify Your Wall

Farmhouse wood signs to beautify your wall
Farmhouse wood signs to beautify your wall

When you pick out wood for any project such as wood sign project that we will talk about in this article, be sure to check for warp. Place the wood on the floor and stare down the top. A little wrap is okay but if you get a piece that is too warped it is not going to lay flat. Do not forget to paint the edges of the wood first.

Consider sanding the edges after paint the wood; the more you take off, the older and more rustic it looks, the hardest you press, the more will come off. If you want to get the antique look, stain them; apply a little at a time and add more if you want to go darker instead of lightening the stain color. Create your design by printing the design and trace it onto your vinyl and cut it by hand with a razor blade knife. Now take a look at these 43 farmhouse wood signs to beautify your wall below to inspire you.


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