39 Beautiful Vintage Mid Century Bedroom Design Ideas

Beautiful vintage mid century bedroom design ideas
Beautiful vintage mid century bedroom design ideas

Mid-century modern is refers to the decorating style and it is characterized by lots of natural wood, simple lines, a mostly muted palette, and a sense of form-meets-function. Contemporary and modern mid-century is often used interchangeably but actually it is not the same. Modern mid-century refers to a specific decorating style that first arose during 50s and 60s, while contemporary refers to the popular decorating styles at any given time. As mid-century modern is currently very contemporary, the words have become synonymous.

For your bedroom, add mid-century modern nightstands that are easy to find and many of it is quite inexpensive. Bring a classic mid-century modern style dresser that is so clean lines, raised legs, straight edges and natural wood. Or consider giving a simple mid-century modern bedroom a powerful shot of style with a boldly patterned accent wall. Now take a look at these 39 beautiful vintage mid-century bedroom design ideas to inspire you.


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