32 Gender Neutral Nursery Room Design Ideas That Look Adorable

Gender neutral nursery room design ideas that look adorable 27

When designing a nursery room for your baby, choose a specific style or theme and palette to help you narrow your focus and create a more cohesive design. Choose textiles for your window curtain or for the bedding to discover the color scheme before you start to paint the wall. Identify a focal point for the nursery room; a signature piece such as an over-sized toy or a painted dresser. Consider to paint the ceiling with a soothing color or color that enhance your nursery’s theme because babies spend much of the time on their backs.

Having an eco-friendly nursery room is good and planet and for the baby too, so consider going green. Create a nursing station and sanitation station by having sanitation supplies such as a tray with antibacterial gel and paper towels to prevent contamination of surfaces and give it a daily once-over with antibacterial wipes. Babies come with lots of stuff, so get creative with storage; doubling your storage space, make a DIY storage projects that is inexpensive but useful. Now take a look at these 32 gender neutral nursery room design ideas that look adorable below to inspire your own nursery room.


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