36 Adorable Ideas for a Gender Neutral Nursery Room

Adorable ideas for a gender neutral nursery room 31
Adorable ideas for a gender neutral nursery room 31

If you decided to make a gender-neutral nursery room, try a Scandinavian inspired that consist of highly textured details that make the white and gray color palette more playful. Or choose a travel theme and fill the space with map-wallpaper and some miniature of boats to cultivate a love of exploration. Add peach and green accents to your neutral mix of gray and white to the nursery room that is so gender-neutral color. Or try soothing neutral colors such as the calming gray to make your nursery room will always be in style.

Play with color but still decorate a gender-neutral nursery room with circus-themed nursery room. Or consider to choose mid century modern style to the nursery room by moving your old chic furniture into the nursery room. Having a gender-neutral nursery room is doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from blue and pink color, so design your space with colorful pastel color is still okay and yes, it is gender-neutral. See more ideas of gender-neutral nursery room below to inspire you.


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