44 Bohemian Living Room Decor That Inspire

Bohemian living room decor that inspire 28

When designing living room, the color that you choose will affect how everyone feel in living room because it can energize or relax the space, depending on how warm or cool they are. So try to set the mood with color. Living room walls receive more formal treatment than other room because the room is a public space, so choose wall coverings or treatments that reflect your style to make your living room a welcoming space. For example, choose a chic print wallpaper to bring warmth and texture to the walls and gives them a look of antiquity.

For the flooring, choose a stylish comfortable flooring that provides comfort underfoot and makes a design statement as well. Or if you prefer a less bold floor, choose a solid neutral flooring that allows attention to focus on furniture or art. For example, a hardwood floors with area rugs, ceramic tile, stone tile and full carpeting is also work well. If you like a bohemian style for your living room decor, take a look at this picture gallery below to inspire you.


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