36 Backyard Lighting Ideas to Wonderful Outdoor

Backyard lighting ideas to wonderful outdoor 09

Lighting is generally divided into three layers based on function; overall, task, and accent. How the light is seen during the day is different from how it is seen at night. For outdoor lighting, there are many variety of bulbs that is available for your outdoor fixtures. Landscape lights that are located near a building with electricity can easily be integrated into your home’s wiring system.

Reflection of the light in outdoor is different from the indoor because in outdoor space, most surfaces are dark and do not reflect light well. So, the most important in outdoor landscape lighting is the position and shielding in order to prevent glare. Glare happens when the light source is too big or too bright, and it can be blinding because it reflects directly in people’s eyes. If you need some inspiration to your outdoor lighting, take a look at these 36 backyard lighting ideas to get wonderful outdoor below.


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