36 Stunning Tile Ideas for your home

36 stunning tile ideas for your home
36 stunning tile ideas for your home

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing the floor tiles for your space. Consider to coordinate the floor tile color with the entire room; think about equipment and cupboards in the room, accent colors and work tops. Fix plan so you can choose the pattern and know the size of floor tiles. The size of your floor tile determines how many grout lines are shown on the flooring and fewer grout lines can create an illusion of more space which is great for those tight spaces.

Find out which one is the best for your space that depends on the traffic or usage of the flooring tile you are laying as to whether you need porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain tiles are stronger than ceramic tiles because they are denser and suitable for outdoor use as they will not soak up water which can freeze and crack the tile. Ceramic tiles are graded which indicates whether they are suitable for domestic or commercial use. Now have a look at these 36 stunning tile ideas for your home below.


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