37 Hydroponic Gardening Ideas Using PVC Pipes

37 hydroponic gardening ideas using pvc pipes
37 hydroponic gardening ideas using pvc pipes

Hydroponic garden can increase growth rate by up to 50% compared to a soil-grown plant and increase yield. And it also a great alternative to a soil garden during cold months or for those that lack outdoor space. First, pick your system; Ebb and Flow, Top Drip System, Deep Water Culture and Wick system. For indoor hydroponic garden, consider the light source; many starter kits are available.

Consider the nutrient to help your plants grow even faster and with a greater yield. Pick your medium; coconut coir and clay balls are great for beginner.  Hydroponic garden is becoming popular nowadays because of their ability to conserve water and pesticide use while providing a medium for urban gardeners to provide themselves with fresh produce. Take a look at these 37 hydroponic gardening ideas using PVC pipes to inspire you below.


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