41 Smart and Creative Garden Container Ideas

Smart and creative garden container ideas 08

To grow your favorite plants, container gardening is fun and satisfying method. Select a pot that has enough space to spread their roots and a few good drainage holes to allow excess water to drain. Choose the right soil that includes generous helpings of some of the following amendments such as peat moss, compost, perlite, vermiculite and rotted manure. Pick healthy plants; vegetables, herbs, fruits and else.

Match the light conditions for your plants and don’t forget to read the plant tags before you buy or planting the plants so you know whether they grow best in sun or shade. Plant in layers; select varieties that complement each other in color and leaf form. Water your plant frequently and fertilize them regularly to add an extra dose of plant food. Now take a look at these 41 smart and creative garden containers ideas below to inspire you.


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