40 Easy DIY Porch and Patio Ideas

40 easy diy porch and patio ideas (1)
40 easy diy porch and patio ideas (1)

Our favorite spot to relax during the warmer months is absolutely is in our front porches or back patio. So let’s make your own favorite escape with these decorating ideas. Decorate your porch perfectly with ceiling fans, rocking chairs, symmetrical planters and a loyal dog. Make a seasonal touch with round zinc baskets are lined with sheet moss, then filled with soil and dried angel vine like a flower frog that helps hold things in place.

Add some punch to your porch by painting the exterior and ceiling contrasting colors and adding a bold striped rug. Make a chic garden sitting area with salvaged French doors to add decorative oomph to your outdoor seating area outside. Or try to make an industrial finishes with galvanized roof, concrete floors and cinderblock fireplace covered in a sand wash. Now take a look at these easy DIY porch and patio ideas below to inspire you.


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