58 Best DIY Window Pane Wall Decor Ideas

58 best diy window pane wall decor ideas
58 best diy window pane wall decor ideas

Let’s decorate your space with some DIY window wall design ideas below. Hang your window frames of various shapes, sizes and colors to instantly brighten up an empty wall; a new take on the gallery wall. Make a creative jewelry organizer by adding a chicken wire to your old window frame, so you can hang your accessories there. Make your old window pane as porch dividers; add depth and dimension to your porch or other place without losing any natural light by hanging several window frames from small hooks.

Make a print frame using a glass-less window as a gorgeous backdrop for unframed prints. Hang a white window with a simple black hooks in a hallway as a great way to store your jackets, bags, scarves and else. Transform your window into a home-defining headboard; heavy trim, a mirror and a small ledge. See these 58 best DIY window pane wall décor ideas to inspire you below and happy DIY-ing.


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