50 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Space with Cork

50 unique ways to decorate your space with cork
50 unique ways to decorate your space with cork

Eco-friendly is trending right now. So it is no surprise that cork is coming back. Cork is renewable and recyclable, making it as the perfect choice for savvy décor lovers who want to help the planet. If you are into the neutral décor look, this is the best complement that will provide a bit of rustic appeal without overpowering the space.

Change your boring ceiling with cork ceiling; using cork tiles and simply placing them directly on top of your ceiling. Create an adorable mat for your home by reusing cork wine stopper. Spruce up your wall with cork that is unique and interesting and it work well in nearly any room of your house and doubles as a place to hang your art. See more great ideas to decorate your space with cork below.


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