38 Classic Interior Design Ideas

38 classic interior design ideas
38 classic interior design ideas

Classic interior design is beautiful and it inspired by Antique and Renaissance. It good for you who like the elegance, clarity and solid image and this is the style that doesn’t olden and never goes out of fashion. By choosing this style, you will not lose anything. It will not only serve you for a long time, but also create a sense of solidness and elegance to your home.

The interior and furniture design of this style is characterized by symmetry, straight lines, luxurious, perfect proportion and high quality materials. The highlights of this style are the high ceilings, moldings, columns and pillars, a lot of mahogany with brass trim, marble for your table and other furniture surfaces, crystal luminaries and decorated by patterns floor lamps. As for the color, this style uses all the colors of the nature; all brown shades, deep blue, green, gray and yellow. Take a look at these 38 classic interior design ideas below.


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