38 Elegant Wall Painting Ideas for Your Space

38 elegant wall painting ideas for your space
38 elegant wall painting ideas for your space

Here are some tips to make your wall painting projects go smoother and faster and the result will be just a pro that you will be proud of. Avoid lap marks, roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge so each stroke of your roller overlaps the previous stroke before the paint is begin to dry. Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket for a consistent color throughout the room because of you have to open a new can of the wall, the difference may be noticeable. Let the paint dry and cut the tape loose for a perfect edge.

Paint the trim first then the ceiling and walls because it is easier and faster to tape off the trim than to tape off the walls. Primer seals the patch so paint won’t sink in and look dull because freshly painted wall often look blotchy. Clean dirty surfaces so the paint can form a strong bond so the paint won’t chip easily or peel off. Now let’s have a look at these 38 elegant wall painting ideas for your space below and happy painting.


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