35 Indoor Aquarium Ideas to Inspire Your Small Space

35 indoor aquarium ideas to inspire your small space
35 indoor aquarium ideas to inspire your small space

Aquariums have developed the bad reputation of being murky algae-covered death traps for fish. Many busy lives do take over and the novelty of the new pet will fade over time and the maintenance of the aquarium is neglected. If you plan ahead to add an aquarium to your space, set up your aquarium so that all it requires is a few minutes a week of your attention.

Do not overstock your aquarium; less fish equals less waste, which means less cleaning needs. Avoid overfeeding because the leftover food will foul up the water, making it toxic and nasty for your underwater critters. Place the aquarium away from direct sunlight to avoid excess algae growth and don’t forget to get the algae eater; certain types of catfish. But if you only have a small space, see these 35 indoor aquarium ideas to inspire you below.


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