47 DIY Spool Console for Your Space

47 diy spool console for your space
47 diy spool console for your space

Turn a wooden spool into a creative, rustic DIY project for your space. If you can’t find one, try to look it at your local home improvement store. There are several products that can come from this spool console. And if it is empty, they will give you the spool for free in most cases.

Electricians may also have some stashed away so you can ask for it. Once you get your hands on one, try one of these DIY spool consoles to add rustic charm and unique look to any of your space at home. Take a look at these 47 DIY spool console ideas for your space. And see the result of your own project and you will amaze with the things that a spool console can do to beautify your space.


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