48 DIY Upholster Ideas to Decorate Your Space

48 diy upholster ideas to decorate your space
48 diy upholster ideas to decorate your space

Furniture is so expensive, but luckily you don’t always have to go out and buy new. If you still have furniture with good condition, chances are you can reupholster it. Start it with the most requested reupholstery; reupholster your sofa. Just wrap and stapled your new fabric to your sofa, add a simple decoration if you want, and your sofa is having a new look.

When your headboard is outdated, cut away all the old upholstery then use the base to make new look of your headboard; diamond tufted headboard. To spruce up your outdoor rooms, reupholster your patio chair with colorful fabric. To make a good one, try to choose fabric that suits your theme so all of the furniture can blend well. See these 48 DIY upholster ideas below to decorate you space.


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