17 Creative Ideas Using River Rocks at Home

17 creative ideas using river rocks at home
17 creative ideas using river rocks at home

Stones and rocks are beautiful decorations in every interior design. So let’s spice up the look of your space by adding river rocks in your home décor. There are so many ideas to create something interesting and unique for your home with river rock. Check these out.

Fill a boot tray with river rocks and pebbles to get a quick mudroom mat that is a lot more attractive and functional. River rocks make a great coaster and a heat pad for hot kitchen utensils and it is so easy to glue it together and you will get some whimsical décor accent for your kitchen. Create an amazing mosaic vase with river rocks by covering a bucket with river rocks. All you need is just a bunch of different rocks and adhesive to craft remarkable décor piece. See more creative ideas using river rocks at home below.

Attractive Downspout Drainage Using River Rock and Red Bricks

Attractive downspout drainage using river rock and red bricks
Source  ;  Pinterest

Cobblestone Kitchen Backsplash

Cobblestone kitchen backsplashSource  ;  Pinterest


DIY Rustic Art with Pebbles

Diy rustic art with pebblesSource  ;  Pinterest


Halloween Rock

Halloween rockSource  ;  Pinterest


Kitchen Backsplash with River Rocks

Kitchen backsplash with river rocksSource  ;  Pinterest


Pebble Mosaic in Entire Walkway

Pebble mosaic in entire walkwaySource  ;  Pinterest


Pebbles Gallery

Pebbles gallerySource  ;  Pinterest


Pebbles on Top Table

Pebbles on top tableSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rock Landscaping

River rock landscapingSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rock Rain Chain Wrapped in Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire

River rock rain chain wrapped in gauge galvanized steel wireSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rocks in Bungalow Garden

River rocks in bungalow gardenSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rocks in Edge Garden

River rocks in edge gardenSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rocks in Small Deck

River rocks in small deckSource  ;  Pinterest


River Rocks in Stairs

River rocks in stairsSource  ;  Pinterest


Shell Turtle Turtle Art Turtle on Pallet

Shell turtle turtle art turtle on palletSource  ;  Pinterest


Stones Like Sport Shoes

Stones like sport shoesSource  ;  Pinterest


Thanksgiving with River Rocks

Thanksgiving with river rocks
Source  ;  Pinterest


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