16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Make Your Plain Stairs More Impressive

16 amazing diy ideas to make your plain stairs more impressive
16 amazing diy ideas to make your plain stairs more impressive

Let’s decorate your staircase with these ideas below. Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair to make it extra eye catching look. Or paint them to add color and character; paint a chevron pattern use stencils, stripes, and else. If you are a seriously a skilled painter, depict your favorite book on each step of your stairs.

Paint your stairs with black and white just like piano if you are a true musical fiend. But if you are on a budget and have no time for big changes, decorate your staircase with patterned adhesive washi tape. Play with the light; lighting along the base to create a floating effect. See more 16 amazing DIY ideas to make your plain stairs more impressive below.

Barr Crutcher Mosaic Staircase

Barr crutcher mosaic staircase
Source ; Pinterest

Bohemia Stairs are Really Cool

Bohemia stairs are really coolSource ; Pinterest


Book Case Stairway

Book case stairwaySource ; Pinterest


Book Spines as Steps

Book spines as stepsSource ; Pinterest


Carpet Stairs with Offcuts

Carpet stairs with offcutsSource ; Pinterest


Mosaic Stairs

Mosaic stairsSource ; Pinterest


Painted Stairways Tropical Cascade

Painted stairways tropical cascadeSource ; Pinterest


Patchwork Fliesen Treppen

Patchwork fliesen treppenSource ; Pinterest


Stair Mosaics Urumqi Blake Civiello

Stair mosaics urumqi blake civielloSource ; Pinterest


Stair Stained Glass

Stair stained glassSource ; Pinterest


Stair Wall Decal Words Lettering

Stair wall decal words letteringSource ; Pinterest


Stair Words

Stair wordsSource ; Pinterest


Staircase with Favorite Book Covers

Staircase with favorite book coversSource ; Pinterest


Stairway Design with a Surreal Sky in the Moonlight

Stairway design with a surreal sky in the moonlightSource ; Pinterest


Tranquility Painted Stairway

Tranquility painted stairwaySource ; Pinterest


Yellow Star Stair

Yellow star stair
Source ; Pinterest


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