64 Best DIY Painted Rocks with Inspirational Word and Picture

64 best diy painted rocks with inspirational word and picture
64 best diy painted rocks with inspirational word and picture

Let’s create a painted rock project for your home. For many of us, there are plentiful rocks in our environment, and it is free for the taking. If it’s not, you can just buy bags of stones at home depot or check out the garden Department at local stores. But don’t remove rocks from a place such as government lands or parks or a residence which has been landscaped with rocks.

First of all, clean the rocks that you wanted to use and prepare the brush; you can use any brush to paint it but many people are only use stencil, script line and flat brush for it. As for the paint, we can use an acrylic paint and craft acrylic (that is thinner than acrylic) and also more paint applications may be necessary. Apply a sealant for finishing so the color remains true and the life of the painted rock is extended. It is okay if you can’t draw, you can just create a colorful painted stones with no-draw technique. And last, display your painted rock by using wooden, a plate stand, metal and plastic display easels, or DIY stand made from drapery slip-on hooks.


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