55 Stunning DIY Wood Pallet Ideas to Create Modern Furniture

Stunning diy wood pallet ideas to creat modern furniture (38)
Stunning diy wood pallet ideas to creat modern furniture (38)

Having a project with wooden pallet was early guests to the DIY and has stayed around even since. Using wood pallet for the reclaimed wood certainly has its risks but you can’t beat the price which is usually free. But pallets come with questionable histories which is you will never know what they were used for and where they’ve been. So consider to look for pallets that are the safest to reuse and don’t just grab the first one you see.

Avoid wood pallet you see at grocery stores; bacteria and porous wood make for bad bedfellows. Make sure that the wood is in decent shape and look at the nail used. If they are particularly twisted, it might be hard to remove. Inspect it for gross residue, oil stains or mold and avoid the one that have been sitting out in the rain for months. Take a look at these DIY wood pallet ideas to create modern furniture to inspire your own DIY project below.



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