49 Beautiful DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas

Beautiful diy raised garden beds ideas 17
Beautiful diy raised garden beds ideas 17

If you are planning to a vegetable garden, the best place to plant it may not be in the ground, many gardeners today use raised beds which lift the plants and their roots above ground level. There are a number of good reasons to garden this way; you can choose your soil for good plants and good harvest. Raised bed also brings the garden up where it’s easier to reach for weeding and harvesting.

In properly, raised bed excess water from heavy rains readily drains away from the plants’ root zones; plenty of organic matter in the soil will maintain a balance between holding enough water and let the surplus escape. Because the soil is richer and you don’t need space, you can plant more; you can space plants more closely and get a better harvest per square root. The soil in it will warm up quicker so you can plant earlier in spring and of course it also will cool down more quickly in fall. Now let’s have a look at these 46 pictures of DIY raised garden bed ideas below so you can make it for your space.



    • I would say carrots need 8-10 inches to do best, so if directly on the ground you could do a 6″ bed and be ok. If not, go with 8″ min. Potatoes need mininum 10-12 for a decent output. Beans grow up, so 6-8″ would suffice. Most herbs would do fine with about a 6in bed, tomatoes and peppers need a bit more for support, so 8″ minimum. Don’t forget the friend/foe guidelines when planting though 🙂


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