30 Laundry Room DIY Renovation on a Budget

Loundry room diy renovation on a budget (8)
Loundry room diy renovation on a budget (8)

Not everyone have a huge laundry space. But with some creativity and some clever organization you can change your laundry room into something that not only works better, but also is just a little more pleasant to be in. Take a look through your house and find leftover paint. Paint the cabinets, walls and floors to get the new look that is easy and cheap ways to change your space.

Cover your old countertop and add some decorative details that work together with your space; add a small rug to the floor in front of the sink. If you have a problem to hide the plumbing connection, place a mirror to hide all. Don’t forget to add floating shelves to save your space and a little art on the walls to make your space seem luxurious. Have a look at another 30 pictures of laundry room DIY renovation on a budget below.