12 Small Home Hacks, Smart Home Decorating Ideas

Small home hacks, smart home (5)
Small home hacks, smart home (5)

Just because your house is small, does not mean that you can’t live large.  Try to keep your window-to-wall ratio high with tucked under the built in desks are two stools that can be double as your storage. Install floor to ceiling bookshelves to display your book collection and decoration. To allow light into windowless room, use semi-opaque materials; panelite kitchen backsplash doubles as a bathroom.

There is no end to the versatile vertical spaces, so consider adding a loft anywhere to maximize your space and provide privacy in shared area. Utilize the space under the stairs as storage to keep your stuff or even reading nook and bookshelves. You can also try to replace your doors with sliding walls to let your space breathe and make your space feel much larger. Now take a look at these 12 small home hacks, smart home decorating ideas below.